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Canterbury Frames and Trusses

6 November 2011

The business cards are printed, the equipment is ready, and Mark's all set to start building frames and trusses. Canterbury Frames and Trusses is the newest company in Izone with Mark Melbourne and wife Liz at the helm. Due to open the doors in mid-November, Mark's looking forward to a new challenge.

"I've worked in the industry all my life – well over 30 years now, which ages me a bit," says Mark, "and for the last eight, I've worked for myself. It's exciting to be part of the rebuilding of Canterbury following the hard year we've had. I'm probably a wee bit early for the boom, but I really want to get settled and established so we can provide the best in service and products when the demand hits." 

In addition to precut frames and trusses for mainly residential buildings, Mark sees the business offering timber supplies as well. "Local builders tend to head to wherever is handy, and we aim to supply whatever is needed to whoever needs it," says Mark. "It's quite exciting, to be honest. I never realised how busy I'd be, just getting set up, and I'm sure we're just going to get busier. There'll be three of us on site for a start, but I can see this growing to 15 - 20 in the coming years."

Mark is looking forward to being part of the local community, having just sold his house and planning on buying in the surrounding district.

"I honestly believe the future potential over this side of town is massive," says Mark. "Once people can start rebuilding and moving forward with their lives, we're going to get really busy. We take over on the first of the month, but we're going to need a couple of weeks to get set up. All the equipment's on site though, so we're going to hit the ground running. We've got plenty of room for expansion, with a 4000 square metre site. It's exciting times, and I'm rapt that we're going to be a part of the future of Canterbury."