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Exal Relocating to Izone

3 November 2011

Christchurch glasshouse specialists, Exal Industries has been located in Phillipstown for 12 years but sadly as with many other Canterbury businesses the earthquakes prompted relocation. They are now planning to move to their new premises at Izone with their 11 staff early next year.

Director of Exal Industries David Hillman currently leases his Phillipstown building. "Rather than waiting for our factory to be rebuilt we decided it was the opportune time to build our own and Izone was the best option, says David. "The land is good value, we will be able to build a factory with more usable floor space and the ground is solid. We will also have enough land for our large machinery to be stored and room to expand the business in the future."

Exal Industries are manufacturers, builder suppliers and installers of commercial and domestic glasshouses nationwide. They not only construct commercial glasshouses they also design and maintain glasshouse equipment.

Each commercial glasshouse Exal Industries builds is a large scale project, sometimes taking up to four months to erect and requiring at least eight workers at a time. "Each job is different, says David. "The smallest commercial glasshouse we build is 500 sq metres and the largest we have constructed was two hectares, that's 20,000 sq metres – which is pretty big."

Work on the half-million-dollar factory at Izone will begin before Christmas with a move- in date of February 2012.