The Development

The Development

The Izone Southern Business Hub, one of New Zealand's largest industrial development, is situated just south of Christchurch on State Highway 1.

Master-Planned Industrial Property Outcomes

Covering 188 hectares, Izone has land developed, zoned and ready to bring services and infrastructure into development.

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The fully master-planned, greenfield site is currently home to more than 120 companies involved mostly in manufacturing, contracting, warehousing and logistics, and servicing Canterbury’s significant agricultural sector. They've committed to Izone due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, pivotal location and stable alluvial soils.

Izone specialises in assisting clients to optimise their use of land by tailoring boundaries to best fit site size and dimension requirements.

The development’s ownership by Selwyn District Council ensures affordable land prices, low annual rates and favourable district plan rules. These include: no development levies, no maximum site cover, and no restrictions on the generation of traffic movements.

Siting your business at Izone makes commercial sense in every respect.

Tailoring Land Outcomes

Izone specialises in assisting clients to optimise their land use by tailoring boundaries to best fit their site size and dimension requirements. Our aim is to help you achieve an optimal building footprint and avoid unnecessary capital outlay on surplus land.

Izone is subject to a specific Business ‘2A’ zoning within the Selwyn District Plan. This provides for business activities requiring large footprint buildings and/or sites, and is subject to controls that recognise the unique characteristics of Izone, including the use of a single Outline Development Plan.

No Development Contributions

Development contributions can amount to several hundred thousand dollars and are charged by many district councils to offset the cost of the increased demand on local water, stormwater, wastewater and roading systems.

The amount of contribution required is typically assessed at the time the building consent application is lodged, and must be paid as a prerequisite to issuing a code of compliance certificate.

In all cases development contributions represent a major component of any new project budget.

The good news at Izone is that Selwyn District Council does not charge a contribution on new industrial and commercial buildings.

District Plan

The development’s ownership by Selwyn District Council ensures commercially favourable district plan rules that include: no development levies, maximum site cover requirements, or restrictions on the generation of traffic movements.

No maximum site cover

The Izone development includes no maximum site cover, which means that after making provision for landscaping, car parking and stormwater disposal, the balance of the land can be brought into development. In contrast, some industrial zones in Christchurch City have maximum site coverage requirements ranging from 25%-50%.

No traffic generator restrictions

There are no restrictions on the generation of traffic movements. This compares very favourably with the Christchurch City Plan’s ‘high traffic generator’ rule which captures (and requires a resource consent for) any activity requiring more than 25 car parks or generating more than 250 vehicle trips per day.


While Christchurch’s industrial zones require 7.5-20% of a site to be landscaped, the only landscaping requirement at Izone applies to the road frontage.

Permissive retail activity provision

Izone has a relatively permissive retail activity provision; any retail activity at Izone is permitted provided it occupies 20% or less of the gross floor area of building on that allotment or 2,000m2, whichever is the lesser. In contrast, the Business 5 (General Industrial) Zone in Christchurch City limits retail activity to 20% of the net floor area on the premises used to produce, process or store those goods, or 350m2 retail floor space, whichever is the lesser.

Realistic noise standards

Internal noise standards at Izone apply only at its rural zone boundary. In contrast, in Christchurch City, land uses on industrial zoned sites are still required to comply with the applicable standards at their individual site boundaries.

Masterplan & Availability

Masterplan & Availability

The Izone master plan considers best practice approaches to traffic design, the integration of industry types and the need for amenities to offer a work/life balance.

Rates Calculator

Rates Calculator

Rates and water charges at Izone are far more favourable than those of other neighbouring districts. Find out how much you could save by locating your business at Izone.

The Izone Environment

The Izone Environment

As a master-planned greenfields development, Izone has been designed to incorporate a range of sustainability features including a significantly enhanced natural environment, treating wastewater on site, and reducing vehicle movements through optimal positioning next to key transport links including rail. 

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