Case Studies

Case Studies

Companies looking for properties in Canterbury have to justify their purchase against tight economic criteria. Find out why more than 60 businesses have already established at Izone, with many more poised to design and build.


The beauty of New Zealand on the Floors of the world.

That’s the theme for Carpets and Rugs of New Zealand CRONZ, a dynamic design and manufacturing company, creating innovative and luxurious pure wool floor coverings locally and distributing throughout the world.

CRONZ carpets and rugs are custom-made in their Rolleston factory. Dedicated craftsmen make every product to clients’ exact specifications. The company offers an easy to use design system and comprehensive sample program, allowing for unlimited control.

CRONZ has developed an ingenious rug tufting process that combines the infinite versatility and flexibility of handcrafting, with the quality and consistency that comes from mechatronic control.

Customers can order literally anything in terms of colour, pattern and texture.

New Zealand wool is a wonderful natural resource that inspires us in creativity for the floors of the world.

The CRONZ custom-built factory has been tailor made to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process. Accompanying the factory is a spectacular new showroom which will be open in November 2012 and will host new collections from CRONZ bespoke rugs and carpet range.

Rolleston IZONE is the perfect location for the CRONZ factory as an export-orientated business but still handy to the Christchurch market, where the company supplies local

designers, architects, specifiers and consumers.

CRONZ - Carpets and Rugs of New Zealand Ltd - has been manufacturing since its inception in 2002.


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