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Statement from Pest Control Research

23 October 2014

You will have learned through media coverage, as indeed Izone management did, that Pest Control Research LP (PCR), a business setting up at Izone, includes in its future plans a proposal to prepare, under strictly controlled conditions, pest control pellet baits containing 1080.

We understand that such manufacturing is a sensitive issue. It is natural for people to worry if their health, or that of their families, might be at risk.

We have asked PCR to provide the information following that we hope will put the issue into perspective and allay any concerns you might have.

We recommend you pass this information on to all of your staff noting that: 

  • Right now, no products containing 1080 are being manufactured at Izone.
  • There is no proposal to manufacture the pesticide 1080 itself at Izone.
  • The proposal is to make cereal-based pellets that contain 1080 for possum control.
  • Any proposal to manufacture 1080 pellets will go through a consent process with Selwyn District Council, with all of the safety and regulatory requirements and restrictions that go with this.


Statement from Pest Control Research

Pest Control Research acknowledges public concern about the proposed manufacture, storage and transport of products containing 1080 pesticide. We completely understand that people have concerns for their own safety and for their families. After all, we have families and staff too.

We assure you that we are a responsible business and that our processes are not a threat to people or the environment.

It is important to note that we have not yet applied for consent to manufacture 1080-baited pellets at Izone and that we do not expect to do so until 2015.

How we will ensure your safety


The cereal baits containing 1080 will be made in what is called a closed manufacturing process. Any dust is kept inside the machinery and recycled back into the system.  No waste is produced. This means there will be:

  • No discharge to air
  • No discharge to ground or water; and
  • No toxic waste to be disposed of.


There is a strict process for handling any ingredients and final products containing the pesticide 1080.

  • All toxic ingredients will arrive in sealed containers and be opened within the factory building in a specially designed double sealed dangerous goods area. This prevents the possibility of any spills escaping outside of the storage area.
  • All 1080-baited pellets will be put into strong, sealed bags and shrink-wrapped onto pallets for storage and transport.


Pest Control Research will generate less traffic than other businesses of similar size at Izone.

  • One vehicle per week is expected to leave the factory area
  • All dangerous goods coming into or leaving the factory will be sealed in specially designed containers that comply with the rules for transportation of dangerous goods
  • Dust and leakage from such containers is practically impossible.

Building safety

When it is completed our building will have the highest standards of safety.

  • A double-sealed dangerous goods area
  • An extensive fire suppression system with a monitored alarm
  • Full compliance with modern earthquake standards.

Pest Control Research is committed to keeping our Izone neighbours and the community fully informed. We will work closely with authorities to ensure the highest of safety standards and full compliance with all regulations. These authorities will include the Selwyn District Council, The Environmental protection Authority and the Ministry of Primary Industries.

We have no intention of endangering you, your families or the environment and can assure you that our processes will prevent this.

You are welcome to talk to us directly about this proposal. Email us in the first instance at and we will get back to you.